Intuition Program

Intuition:  Expanding Coaching Presence Through All Six Senses

Limited to 15 students

This class is designed to help student coaches, credentialed coaches, and other professionals explore and utilize intuition in their personal and professional lives.

Maureen will provide intuition-building instruction as she weaves in coaching core competencies and application to working with clients.

8-week course with weekly sessions on Thursdays 

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Those who are …

  • Interested in how to tap into their intuition
  • Seeking to deepen their awareness about intuition
  • Wanting tools & techniques to access intuition
  • Creating a deeper presence in one’s client practice
  • Likes to play with the intangible to generate results

*Please note: Prior experience with one’s own intuition is not a prerequisite.

Learning Objectives

 How do you expand your coaching presence using all senses, including that of intuition? Intuition can be applied in the coaching process to create awareness for the client using active listening and powerful questions. The use of intuition by coach and client can guide the client to meaningful solutions and designing actions to accomplish coaching goals.

  1. Learning to grow coaching presence through the use of intuition
  2. Seeing the interrelationships between intuition and other ICF Core Competencies
  3. Identifying different types of intuitive experiences;
  4. Learn ways to deepen one’s intuition
  5. Having a tool not only for the coach, but to provide to one’s clients to use
  6. Enhancing intuition benefits your coaching practice by deepening your coaching presence and active listening skills.
Contact Hours:  16 hours over 8 sessions
Where:  Anywhere! Course will be held using Zoom video conferencing platform
Tuition:  $935
ICF CCEs:  11.5 Core Competencies & 4.5 Resource Development CCEs
Required Texts: Practical Intuition by Laura Day. Click here to purchase from Amazon.
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To qualify for CCEs and/or Class Credits toward Credentialing

You MUST attend 80% of the required, live class contact hours and complete a Course Evaluation Questionnaire in order to receive credit and/or CCEs for the course. Students will be asked to indicate presence at the start and close of each class. Make-ups are not possible. We cannot provide CCEs, CEUs or a Certificate of Completion to anyone who does not attend the minimum number of class hours required.

Course Withdrawal & Refund Policy

• 15 or more days prior to the start of class: SoLwork LLC retains a $150.00 fee for all cancellations.

• 15 days prior to the start of class: SoLwork LLC retains a $200.00 fee for all cancellations.

• 14-6 days prior to the start of class: SoLwork LLC retains half of class tuition.

• 5 days or less prior to the start of class: SoLwork LLC retains all of class tuition.

    Created and taught in English by Maureen Purcell, PCC, M.S.O.D
    ICF Master Certified Coach and Certified Mentor Coach

    “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein










    Thursday, Feb 15 – April 5
    9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. CST