Life Coaching

Setting Sail

Man standing on sailboat wth the sun behind him

Every good captain starts his journey with the end in mind.  By setting direction, you will be laying the foundation for moving yourself forward in a coaching partnership with me.  This session sets the GPS points of your choosing that will guide us in our conversations together.  Without these points, it will be difficult to load the appropriate resources on board to tide you through your adventure.

Our conversation in Setting Sail will be 90 to 120 minutes long.  Fee:  $275 (paid with the signed coaching agreement).

Career and Life Coaching with Maureen has changed my life. I never imagined the changes that working with career coach would bring to my professional and my personal life. It was a great experience but also a necessary one to make things happen in my life. I can’t thank her enough.


Business Owner

The Sailboat

sailboat son a golden sea with bright sunrise behind

This lightweight craft is for captains needing light assistance on their journey.

Sessions are 2x a month for 30 minutes each session. 
Fee:  $225 billed monthly (must have completed Setting Sail first)

Maureen is a wonderful blend of technical competence, business savvy, spirit and soul, with a genuine respect for the dignity of all those with whom she works. She is especially gifted in helping her clients navigate through change.


Marketing and Training Consultant

The Cabin Cruiser

The cabin cruiser prides itself on its sleekness and speed on water and built for a more substantial journey.

Sessions are 2x a month for 45 minutes each session. 
Fee:  $315 billed monthly (must have completed Setting Sail first).

The results speak for themselves. I cannot thank her enough for turning my dreams into a reality!  She will claim that I did all the work, but there’s no way I could have gotten here by myself!



The Schooner

Masts and sails of a brig with puffy clouds

Schooners are more complex vessels with many sails to managed.  Whether it is the complexity of the coaching goals or those new to the coaching process, more time is given to support the captains of these boats.

Sessions are 3x a month for 45 minutes each session.  Fee:  $425 billed monthly (must have completed Setting Sail first).

Maureen’s insight, knowledge, and intuition has laid the ground work to help me walk through my challenges.  Thank you Maureen for the opportunity to heal, grow, and renew my sense of purpose, it has made all the difference.


Executive Director

The Water Taxi

Yellow NY water taxi in front of NY skyline

Water taxis are quick transportation for short destinations.  This is ideal for on-demand coaching sessions when the client needs it.  Sessions are individually determined by client and coach and are 45 minutes each session.

Fee:  $150 (must have completed Setting Sail and prior coaching with SoLwork) billed prior to session and is prepaid.

The coaching sessions with Maureen gave me greater clarity of purpose in my daily work life.  Similar to having a map or a GPS device during a trip, I now had a firm understanding of “where I wanted to go” as well as the necessary steps that I needed to take to reach my destination.


Project Manager