The Gift and Opportunity

If you find yourself in life transition, such as divorce, there is a unique gift and opportunity for you to seize. You have been handed a new artist’s canvas to create that new life for yourself. Whenever there is a loss, there is grief and some pain associated with it. When we are in pain, we sometimes rush headlong into something to relieve or remove that pain. WARNING: Without going through a reflective period and healing from our pain, we may miss the opportunity to find your gift in the situation.

You might find divorce is requiring a career change for you. Maybe you have been out of the workforce to raise the family but suddenly must become self-sufficient. Perhaps you need to shift from part-time to full-time employment status. Now you are faced with two challenges at once, adapting to being single and looking for work. Believe it or not, there is still a gift waiting for you.

Once you have spent time grieving your loss, it is then time to start anew. Don your painter’s smock, pick up your paint palette and brushes, and start to paint the work and life of your dreams! Whether you paint, journal, craft vision boards, soul collage images, whatever tool it may be, get started!

My Gift Story

I found myself divorced after 25 years of marriage and was unemployed. I know how seemingly daunting it may appear to those who find themselves in that situation. It took me the divorce, and a couple of job transitions to figure out there was a gift. The time and opportunity for me if I chose to take it and use it. Once I decided to really paint the picture of what I wanted for MY LIFE and career, I set to work. It was creative, fun, but not without its stresses. Since “painting” my dreams and goals, I have found myself marching toward and reaching those destinations I painted. I now have a life I love, a second marriage that is wonderful, and work that is my soul’s passion. Like most artists, once I saw the value in ‘painting’ my dreams, I continue to pick up blank canvases and start painting new ideas for my life. Without my divorce and career issues, I would never have discovered the power in creating and building what want out of my life.

Painting from the HeART

If you find yourself in the place of divorce and/or career change, there is no time like the present to set your intentions of living what you dream. When painting, be sure you are painting a glorious picture. Avoid dark or negative thoughts as you “paint” and build your new life. The bigger message is not to lose hope but to build a wonderful life for yourself, even if you cannot figure out just yet how to make it happen.

Your finished canvas should be your targeted goal, your ideal dream. Unless a goal is set, it is difficult to obtain it! Once set, a goal takes on a life of its own. The timing and the details (who, what, where, etc.) of its arrival are rarely in our direct control. By holding the vision, the goal, the dream before us, however, our persistence will lead to its delivery. Your faith truly can move mountains. I have seen it work in my life. If I can do it, I know you can too!

While you are in transition, I invite you to take the time given you – it truly is a gift there for your taking. Don your painter’s smock, open your mind, and creatively paint your dream life. Make it not only a Work of Art but create that Work of HeART. Set the intention to live your dream and be open to the flow and timing in your journey to get there. Follow your HeART, and you will live a full and wonderful life.

Maureen Purcell
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