I have a love for gardening.  I vividly remember my first few years of planting a vegetable patch, for which I had no experience.  I had little money and the cost of the seed packets was a long stretch for our poor budget.  I needed those seeds to sprout and produce food to feed my family of four.  Boy, was I ever nervous!  I was so worried the seeds would not germinate. I was afraid I had blown money that could have bought us two weeks of groceries.  The pressure I put on myself, it turns out, wasn’t necessary.

I discovered I was growing my spiritual side along with my vegetable garden.  It took faith that the seeds I sowed would germinate, grow and allow me to reap the bounty of my hard work.  It took letting go (I couldn’t control the sprouting of those seeds) and turning it over to some Higher Power.  However this didn’t mean I would be doing nothing!  I still had to buy the seeds, plant them, water them, cultivate weeds, fertilize my plants and pick off pests should they arrive to munch on my crop.  I had to learn to trust my instincts and intuition that I would know what to do at the right time in my garden.  I had to let go to a Higher Power all that which was not in my direct control.

The results?  Every year I fed my family with organically grown vegetables for the fraction of the cost of grocery store produce.  Yes, I sometimes had a small crop failure, but because I planted variety, I always had plenty of food each year to feed us throughout the year.  It wasn’t just my plants that grew from gardening; I grew!  I grew in confidence and in belief of small miracles; I grew in faith.  It sure made it easier to buy those seeds with each successful year!

“…for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” – Galatians 6:7

What does this have to do with the business of you?  The Business of You (your work and your life) is your garden.  It requires acquiring the seeds (such as education, developing skills, generating a business idea), planting them and growing these seeds into a viable business-of-you that sustains you throughout your years.  Your harvest will be the life well lived, the income, benefits, recognition, etc. that you earn from the seeds (ideas, skills and knowledge) you plant.  Do you have a vision for a garden, for that Business of You?   Have you planted your seeds and started to grow them?  Do you have faith that your business garden will develop with time and attention from you?  Do you have faith in a Higher Power that can sustain you in times of doubt?

Maureen Purcell
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