What Is a Hero’s Journey?

Before we begin to hear Maria’s hero story, let’s take a quick overview of what a hero’s journey is. Joseph Campbell wrote a book called The Hero With a Thousand Faces. It summarizes the phases a hero makes in his or her journey. There are 3 phases, each of which includes several stages to a Phase. Those phases are 1) Separation or Departure, 2) Trials and Victories, and 3) Return and Reintegration with Society. (Campbell. Pg.36)

Separation or Departure is where you either choose to leave or are forced to leave life the way it has been running. Think of it as casting away from the shore. These departures take many shapes. For example, it could be the loss of a job, a career change, or a divorce. These life circumstances of Separation and Departure bring with them a lot of trepidation to those who must undergo the hero’s journey.

Sooner or later, everyone will face their own hero journey in one’s personal life and work life. Many times they are intertwined. Have you ever had such a situation? Recently, one of my clients has traveled through the first two phases and is ready to move into the third phase, which is the coming home to a new way of work.

Maria’s Story

Maria is the owner of a highly successful daycare facility. She has traversed the hero’s journey for several years in launching her business. Now that she is successful and the business is running well, she finds she no longer wants to be involved with the day-to-day operations of her thriving business. Maria is still passionate about the services her daycare facility offers but is seeking a change. She sees several options that would allow her to move out of the day-to-day operations and has had trouble deciding which option to choose. One option is for her to sell the business outright. A second option is to take on a business partner who will handle the day-to-day operations, and she can be available for consultation with broad oversight only. The third option is to staff it for the day-to-day control but work on franchising the unique business model that has been so successful in her current one-location setting.

To complicate the decision-making process a bit more, Maria is now engaged to a wonderful man who lives in a state hundreds of miles away. He has his medical practice in his hometown along with shared parenting duties over the children of his first marriage. Moving for him is not an option. Moving for Maria is not an option as long as she has day-to-day operational responsibility for her business. She has hired managers in the past year, only to find that they do not work out. It has been difficult finding someone with the right set of skills and the same passion for the business that she has. She knows she will want to move after the wedding and not maintain a long-distance marriage.

The wedding date has been set, and Maria finds herself in a quandary with her business. The more she thinks through the various options and tries to forge ahead, the more lost and unsure she feels. She reached out to SoLwork for coaching assistance to help move forward.

What is the Challenge for the Hero?

Maria has faced what is I call the “Foggy Seas of Transition.” No one direction seems more right to head down than do any of the other business options that she has available. She is uncomfortable with her indecision and wants to take action. In this part of the journey, it is not an activity that will bring about the best results. This part of the transition is where creative solutions can evolve if one is quiet and still enough to listen to their heart’s message on the direction and next steps to head.

The Outcome

Maria was tempted to take on a business partner by developing her existing business into a franchise. Once she had clarity, she decided to sell the business. It freed her to move to where her future husband lived and allowed her time to adjust to her new life and marriage. Once settled, she can revisit the idea of franchising her business model for daycare under a different name. Maria felt great relief to finally see her way clear so that she could move forward once again. She truly led from her heart to gain clarity in direction. After months of being in the fog, she feels she has truly made the best choice for her, for her current business and its staff. Maria is currently living a very fulfilling and happy married life. She feels she chose wisely and from her heart center. All components for her and her business, though not always easy to execute, did work out beautifully.

Disclosure: This is a true story of success. However, the names of my clients have been changed to protect their privacy. 

“Career and Life Coaching with Maureen has changed my life. I was at a standstill for many years working a corporate job that was not fulfilling and wasn’t a good fit for me.  After taking the plunge and opening up my new business I was so overwhelmed and had a hard time making decisions and organizing my priorities.  I have seen big results since I started working with Maureen!  My confidence has increased in making decisions and I have been able to move forward. I never imagined the changes that working with a career coach would bring to my professional and my personal life.  It was a great experience but also a necessary one to make things happen in my life. I can’t thank her enough.”


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