My Mentor Coaching Process

Some of the deeper work you will do in a mentor coaching relationship with me is about your external self and looking at your coaching conversations through the lens of the ICF Core Competencies.  The rewards are great for not just your clients, but for you, if you are willing to lean in and be curious.  I use the coaching process along with insights of my 12+ years as coach and my 6+ years as a coach educator in a Master’s level university program.

Together we will work toward a positive and successful adventure for both of us.  You, as client, are captain of your ship, which means THIS IS ABOUT YOU, YOUR GOALS and YOUR DESIRED OUTCOMES.  My role is to be fully present, hold the space for you to do your work and impart no judgment.  I will bring the best of my abilities on board and come with a toolbox to load and use along our journey.  Together we will fulfill the mentor coaching requirements as outlined by ICF.  You can check out those requirements by going to:

When we meet, we will work off of recorded coaching sessions.  While our time might use a recording of another coach, the primary focus will be on your own coaching.  For our mentor coaching sessions, you will provide a transcription and analysis of coaching recordings to me 48 hours in advance of our call.  We will listen together to no more than a 30-minutes segment in each call, using the rest of our time together reflecting and analyzing coaching skills.

Sessions are conducted in confidence and held using Zoom video conferencing environment with your own unique URL to access Zoom.  Recordings of our sessions will be uploaded into your own Dropbox folder for you to download. All information within the sessions is held confidentially and with the highest respect for you and our special relationship.

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I am so thankful that I have been a recipient of Maureen’s mentor coaching. She has the ability to listen deeply, not just to words being said but also body language and things unseen. Her questions are spot on, and the reflection that they require moves coaches to true growth. She is thorough and curious about the areas of coaching that the mentee wants to grow. Maureen is highly qualified as an ICF coach, and furthermore a mentor coach. Regardless of how long you’ve been coaching, I would recommend working with Maureen to polish your skillset and spend time reflecting on how you can grow as a coach.

Caroline R.

“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” 
— John C. Maxwell

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