Intuitive Life Coaching in Kansas City and Beyond

Intuitive Life Coaching in Kansas City and Beyond

Working together through life’s challenges for you to live your best life.


Maureen Purcell, PCC, CMC, MAOD

What's possible with life coaching?

Working with a life coach will open up new awareness and opportunities for growth. This is a safe and non-judgmental space we hold together, where curiosity and powerful questioning lead to moments of clarity for you which can create a truly transformational experience. You are the captain of your ship throughout. Some of the benefits of our coaching time together:

Clarity and Focus

Confidence to Face Life

Quantum Leaps Forward in Personal Goals

Improved Work / Life Balance

Increased Energy and Motivation

Tools to Navigate Challenges

Life is an individual journey with our destination being a life where we are fully engaged and alive in whatever way we each define it.

What makes Maureen’s approach unique?

Maureen uses the power of intuition and thoughtful insights to enable her clients to get powerful results. Her own myriad of career and life experiences allows her to relate to each clients circumstance. With empathy and care, she gives support and the space to do the work. Her clients’ success stories tell it best.

Ready to make that quantum leap?

Here's how my life coaching process works:

The focus of coaching is to work toward positive and successful change in your life, regardless of the area. Life and work are often deeply intertwined, progress in one area often results in progress in the other. I help you achieve the transformational results you desire using the wisdom you hold within, but maybe can’t readily access on your own. I truly believe that you are whole, capable, and resourceful. I’m here to help guide you to that inner wisdom so you can sail high. Be ready to be open, share, and enjoy the growth journey together.


Step 1

Free Consultation

During your free initial consultation, we’ll informally discuss your coaching needs and our expectations for the coaching relationship. It doesn’t matter where you are located. I work with clients all over the world by phone or video chat.  Simply fill out my contact form to request a consultation.



Step 2

Setting Sail
(Foundational Session)


  • 1-on-1 foundational meeting up to 2 hours in length
  • Reviewing your Coaching Questionnaire about your goals
  • Customized discussion according to your needs


  • Have a 20-min. consult with me (no fee)
  • Complete a Coaching Questionnaire at least 48 hours in advance of session
  • Coaching goal, even if the goal is to clarify the goal
  • Payment made prior to the start of the session

Fees: $275


Step 3

Navigating the Journey
(Twice Monthly)


  • Two 60-minute sessions
  • Recorded sessions on Zoom made available to download
  • Customized discussion according to your needs


  • Completed Setting Sail session
  • Willing to complete and send a Coaching Prep form at least 24 hours in advance of session.
  • Payment made prior to the start of each month sessions

Fees: $315


Step 4

(On Demand)


  • One 45-minute session on demand by client
  • Recorded session on Zoom made available to download
  • Customized discussion according to your needs


  • Prior coaching through SoLwork
  • Willing to complete and send a Coaching Prep form at least 24 hours in advance of session.
  • Payment made prior to the start of the session

Fees: $150

Is coaching right for you?

Common issues that can be addressed with coaching:

Feeling stuck in your career

Imbalance between work and life

Life changes

Unsure of the next step

Lack of motivation

Inability to reach your goals

What my clients think

Before working with Maureen, I was so frazzled and lacked career direction. I was coming out
of a season of being home with young children and the career I had before no longer fit. Navigating work, family and life was so challenging. Maureen asked the questions I was not able to ask myself and helped me get to a much better place in my life. I now am doing work that I love and that feeds my soul.


Non-Profit Executive

Coaching with Maureen has been a very positive and beneficial experience for me. Through Maureen’s coaching, I have been able to identify several underlying “core” issues that have been holding me back in my business. Her unique, personal, and spiritually based approach has helped me have several “aha” moments and I have been able to begin changing some of my self-sabotaging behaviors. Maureen has the special ability to tune in to what is going on within me and has often provided helpful visual analogies which have helped me greatly to identify my roadblocks.


Business Owner

The coaching sessions with Maureen gave me greater clarity of purpose in my daily work life as a result of being able to establish overarching career and personal goals and objectives. Similar to having a map or a GPS device during a trip, I now had a firm understanding of “where I wanted to go” as well as the necessary steps that I needed to take to reach my destination. The immediate benefits from the coaching sessions included a reduction in daily stress and a generally feeling of empowerment as I regained proactive control over my life.


Senior Business Development Manager

Maureen is an exceptional coach who brings a holistic approach to her work with individual clients and organizations. She is a wonderful blend of technical competence, business savvy, spirit and soul, with a genuine respect for the dignity of all those with whom she works. She is especially gifted in helping her clients navigate through change.


Business Owner

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