My Story

In Homer’s epic, The Odyssey (I love this story!), Odysseus launches on an incredible journey over the seas to reach his Kingdom of Ithaca after many years away, answering to the calling of his soul for his return home. Joseph Campbell calls this mythical story, the Hero’s Journey. It is often the “Road Less Traveled” for it is calls for strength, persistence and a strong sense of where home lies to meet the challenges that are found along the Hero’s Journey.

I call this SoLwork.

For years I set my goals and dreams on climbing up rungs of company ladders to raise my title and earnings as high as I could, by letting my head or EGO lead the way. I successfully satisfied my EGO but eventually found my Spirit sagging. Something was missing. While I scored an “A” on Ego, my Spirit was a “D-.”

The fault and responsibility rested with me, not with others or the world around me. I was responsible for the choices made in my life. I chose to follow rather than lead my journey for myself.

To change my course, to steer my own ship, I donned the captain’s hat and put my hands at the helm. I allowed myself to follow the desired direction of the person  behind the wheel – Me! Since then, I’ve been able to live a much richer life – one that fills my heart and spirit.

I invite you to step into a life that honors the heart and soul of who you are – just as I did.

Here’s some of the lessons learned (I call them the bounty or treasures in my journey) that may be useful in your journey:

  • YOU are responsible for you and your life
  • Any situation is what you make of it
  • It’s not always about abandoning ship
  • A guide is instrumental when the way is unclear or lacks momentum
  • It’s all about the journey, enjoy the ride!
Watercolor of Woman Pilot in Blue

What’s In A Name:  SoLwork

SoLwork (I love the multiplicity of meanings) stands for:

  1. Sol – the sun or the Light with in you
  2. Sol – short for solutions
  3. Sol – play on the word, Soul
  4. Sol – an ancient form of money (one of the reasons why we work)
  5. Sol — 5th note of the musical scale (do-re-me-fa-SOL-la-ti-do), which represents the throat chakra of speaking our truth

SoLwork is allowing the Light within you to shine and express itself in your world of work, finding the solution that balances your need for money yet fulfills your soul.


Coach Credentials
  • Certified Mentor Coach (CMC)
  • International Coach Federation (ICF) Credential PCC
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach Certification, Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Coach Educator, Avila University’s M.S. Organizational Development Program
  • M.S. in Health Services Administration
  • M.A. in Organization Development and Management
  • Evidence Based Coaching Program, Fielding Graduate University