Meeting Maureen was serendipitous indeed! Her unique blend of coaching with a holistic approach was just the thing I needed to take the reins of my career back! Through guiding questions and creative exercises Maureen helped peel back the layers of my ‘onion’ allowing me to reclaim my passions and step back into my authentic self. Her mix of business savvy tempered with compassion was key to trusting her and the process. She is especially gifted in assisting clients navigate through the changes in their lives.

Business Owner

You’re wonderful and I’m so grateful to have you in my life.  I was in a very difficult time and you assisted me in rising above my situation and pushing me towards my goals.  I can’t thank you enough.  My life is much more peaceful now – especially at work.

OD practitioner

Maureen is an extraordinary coach with a direct, yet tactful style. Her insightful approach helped me build leadership skills and define clear objectives for my career. She truly loves what she does and it shows through her inspirational feedback.

Sales & Marketing

I credit Maureen’s coaching for helping me improve my professional skills, which has me on the right track to achieving my career goals. Her style is eye opening and inspiring.


As a life/career coach, Maureen combines extensive practical business experience with keen insights and observations. She has a way of guiding a conversation that leads to aha! moments. She’s been instrumental in helping me to clarify plans, directions and objectives, and in helping to move my career forward. I recommend her services highly.

Marketing & Communications Consultant

Through Maureen’s coaching, I have been able to identify several underlying “core” issues that have been holding me back in business.  Her unique, personal and spiritually based approach has helped me have several “aha” moments and I have been able to change some of my self-sabotaging behaviors.  Maureen has the special ability to tune into what is going on within me and has often provided helpful visual analogies which have helped me greatly.

Telecommunications Manager